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EDUCATE Journal of Educational Research

EDUCATE Journal of Educational Research (ISSN-2394-9422) is the peer reviewed print-in published journal being published by UGC- HRDC, RTMNU, Nagpur. The aim of the journal is to inspire and disseminate Knowledge through research papers, articles, case studies, review articles that address one or the other aspects of higher education and teacher training. The first volume of the journal was released at the hands of Dr. Vasudha Kamat, Hon. Vice Chancellor, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai, during the inaugural function of the “Principals’ Meet” held on 1st march 2015. The second issue of the Journal has special theme of Environmental Studies and has been contributed by the participants of the Refresher Course in Environmental Studies organized from 02-12-2015 to 22-12-2015. The papers published in both the issues of the journal can be viewed in Archive of

Management Information System(MIS)

Management Information System (MIS) have been introduced in our HRDC from 2015-16 academic sessions. The complete details of participants, resource person’s viz., their personal information, correspondence, travel and dearness allowance paid and feedback for the courses have been automated. Apart from this the information regarding the employees, their leave records, payments and financial records have also been generated. The data of books and journals available in the library have also been fed in the automation system. Different type of data is retrieved from this MIS system viz., the course wise directory of resource persons, details of resource persons visited during particular course, details of participants attended particular course, T.A./D.A. paid to the resource persons/participants for the particular course, books issued from the library during the particular course or books purchased during particular academic session etc.

Research Studies:

Research Studies: UGC-HRDC, RTMNU, has carried out nine self-financed research studies to assess the impact of different courses and course components on participants. About seven research papers have been published and two are under publication. The results of these studies have conclusively shown the positive impact of the courses undertaken by HRDC. Following are the details of studies published in different journals.

1. Rekha Sharma and Arun M. Khurad. Awareness and use of ICT among the college teacher: A study during the orientation programme. Educational Quest 3(3): December, 2012 ,Page 295-300 Print ISSN : 0976-7258, Online ISSN : 2230-7311.

2. Rekha Sharma and Arun Khurad. Impact of orientation programme on awareness of its components among teachers of higher education. Educational Quest 4 (1): April, 2013: Page 83-87. Print ISSN : 0976-7258, Online ISSN : 2230-7311.

3. Rekha Sharma and Arun Khurad . A study on awareness of components of orientation programme; An effect of personal characteristics of teachers. Learning Community, 4 (2) August, 2013 115-123. online ISSN No. 2231-458X, Print ISSN No. 0976-3201.

4. Rekha Sharma ; Arun Khurad and G. S. Parasher . Evaluation of effectiveness of orientation and refresher courses organized by Academic Staff College. Techno LEARN: 3 (2): 87-93. December, 2013 ISSN No 2231-4105.

5. Preeti Dharmik and Rekha Sharma, ICT Awareness And Its Use In Teaching And Research Among Teachers , Proceeding of one day NAAC Sponsored National Seminar on Academic Innovations and administrative reforms to meet global challenges in Higher Education, organized by Smt. Binzani Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur on 6th Oct 2015, pp 79-83.

6. Preeti Dharmik; Rekha Sharma and C. G. Dethe, Effect of Personal Characteristics on Environment Awareness of Teachers of Higher Education.- EDUCATE: Journal of Educational Research (ISSN-2394-9422) Vol 1 (2) 2015, pp 12-19.

7. Preeti Dharmik, Rekha Sharma and C. G. Dethe. Impact of Refresher Course in Environmental Science on Awareness of Teachers for Various Environmental Facets- EDUCATE: Journal of Educational Research (ISSN-2394-9422) Vol 1 (2) 2015, pp 27-36.

Directory of Resource persons

Directory of Resource persons for different courses have been prepared. The directory has the details of resource persons viz., name, educational qualifications, achievements, publications and contact details. From 2015-16 onwards the course wise directory of resource persons is prepared from data retrieved from Management Information System of our HRDC.

Directory of Resource persons

Moodle Cloud:

Moodle Cloud: UGC-HRDC has a Moodle Site and the URL is This site acts as a platform for e content delivery of the programmes being conducted by UGC –HRDC, RTMNU, Nagpur.

Reading Materials in the form of e resource:

Reading Materials in the form of e resource: From 2016-17 the reading material is being given to the participants in the form of e resources. The soft copies of the resource persons’ presentation or write ups are first converted into PDF files and then sent to the participants’ email as e resources.

Feedback for the course:

Feedback for the course: The feedback for the coursefrom the participants is collected using Google Docs. After completion of the Course/Programme, the feedback form is sent to the participants on their email address. The Google Docs analyses and generates the summary of responses.

Collaborated learning, Peer Group learning and Team Work:

Collaborated learning, Peer Group learning and Team Work: The seminar presentation in the orientation course is carried out in groups comprising of similar faculties.This helps to generate the concept of collaborated learning and peer group learning.

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